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Parents upset older schools in Union County are being neglected


Union county parents are frustrated. They claim their pleas to fix older schools have fallen on deaf ears. Catherine Stout has two kids who attend Sun Valley High school. The school is more than 50 years old. Stout says she has been begging for the school to get a new stadium.

"Oh my Gosh," Stout said. "It is so far below the accommodations than the other kids and the other schools in the county. It's crazy."

The parent says she has voiced her concerns to county and school leaders.

"I've been back to the county commissioners two or three times," Stout said. And spoken on behalf of Sun Valley several times begging for money, and I have been to the board of education multiple times begging for money."

The parent always got this answer.

"It's always, there's no money." Stout said.

The parent became really frustrated after the county recently found $9.5 million to repair leaky roofs at schools and $3 million to pay for mobile classrooms for crowded schools.

"That $3 million dollars would have gone a long was at Sun Valley." Stout said.

County commissioners say there is a reason they now have money to spend. They unexpectedly got $13 million.

"That was a result of increase of revenues from taxes," County commissioner Jerry Simpson said. "Sales taxes, property taxes and other sources of income. We also worked real hard for efficiencies and we saved money."

Simpson says that extra money has run out.  He says the county only has less that $1 million in its reserves after offering money to the school.  Simpson adds the school board has a responsibility too. They should make sure older schools in the county are taken care of.

"If the money was there in past years," Simpson said. "And the school board chose not to spend it on those particular items or those repairs or inadequacies, that was a decision made by the school board."

Officials from the school district say for years they have presented a list of older schools in need of repair to county commissioners, but they claim county leaders always told them there was no money.

"All the older schools in the county," Stout said. "Basically have been neglected."

Stout says she will not give up the fight. She won't rest until better days come to Sun Valley High School.

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