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Breakfast of Champions: The school's effort


In the spirit of the Olympic games underway in Sochi, we're featuring a series geared towards being a champion here at home.  The first installment of our CHAMPION series explores the importance of a healthy breakfast to your child's day.

If you missed the first segment of the series, you can find that here.

Mornings are a busy time, and sitting down to a meal in the mornings isn't always possible.  However, going to school without breakfast can negatively impact a child's day in terms of concentration, comprehension ability, and behavior.  It's why many schools across the country, including more than 1,300 public schools in Alabama, elect to serve breakfast at school.  In our state, more than a third of students who attend public schools eat breakfast at school.

Sometimes the parents' work schedules prevent having enough time for breakfast, and other times it's a lack of financial resources to be able to provide a meal.  Whatever the case may be, Director of the ALSDE Child Nutrition Program June Barrett says schools learned several years ago they would need to fill that gap.

Barrett said, "A child who eats breakfast is ready to learn.  It is as important as pens and pencils or computers."

Studies show that a child who has a well balanced breakfast performs at a higher level than those who do not.

"Children who eat breakfast are less tardy, have less visits to school nurse, and therefore their learning capability was at peak level," added Barrett.

Rachel Laughlin a Dietitian with Jackson Hospital says it comes down to the science of basic nutrition. Going without breakfast, or a healthy breakfast, robs children of key nutrients they need.

"There is research out there and we just know anecdotally that if kids don't eat breakfast, we will see a change in their behavior and their ability to take in information," said Laughlin.

Nutritionists say, a good breakfast contains a carbohydrate for energy, and a protein to keep them satisfied until lunchtime.

For quick tips on making a quick and healthy breakfast, watch our third and final segment of Monday's series here.

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