WTVM 2/10/14 Editorial: How can you fight poverty?

WTVM 2/10/14 Editorial: How can you fight poverty?

(WTVM) - All this week, News Leader 9 is taking an in depth look at breaking the cycle of poverty as part of our annual partnership with the Mayor's Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity.

We're proud to play a small role in building awareness about why tackling poverty is a worthy cause for Columbus.

There are no easy answers to how the poor can reverse their fortunes.

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson launched the war on poverty and despite his noble intentions, that war has clearly not been won, even though $16 trillion has been spent!

After 50 years of the war on poverty, it turns out experts are now looking at three simple things that may help break the cycle:

Become a high school graduate, create a stable home life through marriage, and delay having children until you're at least 21.

These three choices may seem like common sense, and we know they do not automatically guarantee success. But sadly, many people living in poverty today cannot claim to have done any of these things.

A high school diploma and establishing the solid foundation of a marriage before creating a family could well end up being much more effective ammunition in the battle to get a job – any job -- than the trillions spent on government programs since the war on poverty was first declared in 1964.

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