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Alleged fast food Peeping Tom appears in court, calls victim liar


Columbus investigators say they have a confession from the man believed to have been spying on women and taking pictures of them without their knowledge.

One 17-year-old teenager claims she was spied on while using the restroom in the Burger King on Veteran's Parkway. 

"While in the stall she noticed a pink cellphone under the stall. She asked, ‘what are you doing?' and at that time an unknown person got up and left the bathroom," testified Columbus Police Department investigator Corporal Richard Kimbrough.

The young woman held back tears as Columbus investigators testified. The suspect, Gregory Wilson, stood just feet away.

Corporal Richard Kimbrogh testified the teen may not be the only victim.

"We went to the Family Dollar on Veterans Parkway," Kimbrough mentioned. "I spoke with the manager there and he told me he had a still shot of a male who was doing the same thing."

Investigators say the manager of the Family Dollar near the crime scene said they saw News Leader 9's initial report and recognized Wilson from incidents that occurred at their store; they promptly handed over the photos.

Detective Kimbrough says the calls came pouring in as soon as the picture of Wilson was released.

Wilson was arrested at the bus stop on Linwood Boulevard after being allegedly spotted drinking alcohol in public. Police testified they also found a Marijuana pipe on him.

Detective Kimbrough testified it didn't take much to get a confession out of Wilson.

"He admitted, ‘yes I know why I'm here. I was looking under the stall in the bathroom. I have a problem, I like to take pictures of women'," Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough says Wilson had a pink cellphone just like the one the victim saw peeking under the bathroom stall.

Although police Wilson confessed to taking pictures of women and using them for sexual acts, Wilson told a completely different story in court.

He said he's homeless, and he went to the restaurant to change clothes, not spy on women.

"I didn't realize what bathroom I was in. This young lady called out. She said, what are you doing? I said, oh, I am in the wrong bathroom and I proceeded to leave. They arrested me on Saturday and said it was about somebody taking pictures of somebody in the bathroom. I said it was not me," Wilson claimed.

"I didn't take pictures of nobody in a bathroom. I showed them my camera, they downloaded all the pictures, her picture is not on none of my cameras. They downloaded everything, she's not on there. It's a lie. It's a blatant lie she's saying. She got scared and she's making up all this malarkey to get some sympathy from her family.  I didn't do nothing to that woman."

Wilson is being held in the Muscogee County jail. He is charged with drinking in public, eavesdropping, surveillance, intercepting communication, and possession and use of drug related objects.

His bond has been set at $50,400. The case will now head to Superior Court.

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