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City of Columbus prepares for winter weather


By Tuesday night, public works trucks will be filling up with sand in preparation for the winter weather event that is supposed to pass through.   They're going to be making sure all of the roads are in good shape, especially in the problem areas.

The city is getting prepared for a worst case scenario, even though the freezing temperatures are not expected to reach further south than Harris County.  For them, it's better to be safe than sorry.

"If they're still projecting some foul weather, we will load up all our trucks with sand, we will load barricades to get them out on the road if we need them, so we'll follow all the normal procedures we have to get prepared for a storm," says Public Works Director Patricia Biegler.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said her emergency management director is monitoring  the weather, and so far, all indicators are telling them there is no reason to close public facilities.  

City budgets in the south don't provide for large supplies of salt and sand like they do in the north, so the resources need to be conserved whenever possible. But conserve at the wrong times and you will end up like Atlanta during their last storm.

"We don't have a lot of equipment down here because we don't see that kind of weather very often," says Biegler. "And it's a judgment call. It's a tough judgment call."

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