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Columbus and the upcoming winter storm


The Deep South is in astate of emergency as a second winter storm threatens snow and ice.

During the last storm afew weeks ago, local officials say six tons of salt and more than 500 tons ofsand were spread across city streets in Columbus.

News Leader 9's Brittany Dionnehas more details on how the storms are affecting the city budget.

Meteorologists arepredicting this winter storm to be potentially historic and paralyzing to thesouth.

Winter storms can be verycostly to any city.          

We spoke with Pat Biegler withPublic Works. She did not have the actual dollar amount on-hand that was spentduring the last storm, but says Columbus has an operating material budget of $73,681 through the Forestry Division. It's from that fund salt, sand, and othermaterials are purchased.

To prepare, stateofficials say they have trucks around central Georgia loaded with salt andgravel that are ready whenever needed.

The Georgia Department ofTransportation helps local cities if needed. Only we have a barn locally thathas salt and trucks ready to be disbursed as needed.

Local officials tell us thereis enough time left in the fiscal year to move funds around if for some reasonwe need more money to fund the winter storms.

During the storm we had twoweeks ago, we used six tons of salt and more than 550 tons of sand.

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