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Bond revoked for man accused of stacking bodies in cemetery

(WMC-TV) - Bond revoked. That was the judge's ruling for Galilee Memorial Gardens' cemetery owner Jemar Lambert.

Lambert is accused of stacking bodies on top of one another, as well as crushing coffins.

"It's heart breaking, it's sickening," said Maurice Amerson, who says she always had suspicious that something was not right about his family's graves. "My mother, father and brother is here."

Last month, when Lambert was arrested, Amerson wanted answers.

"It makes me feel like I was right all the time. You know, how sometimes you have that inner feeling that something is just not right?" said Amerson.

But the only definite answer he will get right now is that Lambert is not a free man.

"I think the judge did a tremendous thing. He should have never been given a bond from the beginning," he added.

On Thursday, a judge ordered Lambert be taken into custody, held without bond because of the severity of his charges. They are charges that accuse him of selling burial plots on adjacent land that did not belong to him and burying multiple bodies in the same grave.

"The cover has been pulled back and all that is out in the open now," said Amerson.

In the meantime, Maurice says he will continue driving by and hoping one day he will have answers that give him closure.

Lambert was booked back into the Shelby County Jail just before noon Thursday. He will remain there until his next court date.

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