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How eco-friendly are your Valentine's Day gifts?


Paper, plastic and aluminum fill the trash cans of those celebrating Valentine's Day, but the Columbus Recycling and Sustainability Center says gifts some gifts can give back to the city and the environment.

Les Moore, Waste Collection Division Manager, says, "A lot of the boxes that gifts come in on Valentine's Day, we would love to have them."

Moore says the boxes can be broken down, and reused as paper products. They are the most popular item they receive here at the Sustainability Center.

He adds, "Approximately 70 percent of what we receive here is the paper products."

Moore says that some things can be recycled, like the card board boxes and the paper that comes with your chocolates, but unfortunately things like this balloon are not.

"Because they don't only have the plastic or the rubber in them. Of course, rubber isn't recyclable anyway," Moore says.

Cups also make the list of "do nots", because they are wax coated.

However, plastic wrappers make the go green list.

Flowers do not go to the sustainability center, but Moore offers a way you can do more with them than trash them once they're dead. He recommends composting.

"We don't do composting on a large scale right now, but people, if they have a composting pile at home, once the flowers wilt they can put them in their composting bin," Moore explains.

Moore says recycling is the same as reusing something at home, and encourages anyone with trash from Valentine's Day gifts to send them to the sustainability study.

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