WTVM 02/15/14 Editorial: Turn your lights on

WTVM 02/15/14 Editorial: Turn your lights on

(WTVM) - This winter, we've had more than our share of heavy rain, and some ice and snow, causing dangerous driving conditions.

It reminds us that, while no one can control the weather, we can control one thing: our visibility on the roads.

It's truly alarming to drive at twilight, in a rainstorm, or in heavy fog, and see countless cars without their headlights on. Some are almost invisible. The truly dangerous ones cannot be seen at all.

Because of the popularity of back lit gauges on car dashboards, many drivers do not realize their lights are not on.

In some models, having the parking lights on does not mean that tail lights are on. This adds to danger.

Even when it is near darkness, the number of drivers on 185, Veterans Pkwy, or any local road, without their lights on, is too many to count.

We can't know how many accidents are caused by the lack of headlights, but it may be pure luck that many escape being hit.

In some models, the switch needs to be set to auto. It sounds easy, but some drivers don't use that function.

The next time it rains, or you're heading home as it gets dark, please make sure your headlights are on. So you can see, and be seen.

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