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Valentine's Day traditions that benefit your health

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Valentine's Day is approaching, and there are several Valentine's Day traditions that can benefit you body, mind, and spirit.

Dark chocolate is very healthful. It has antioxidants, specifically flavanoids, which help our cells. Flavanoids also help your body from forming blood clots, which can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Red wine also has antioxidants. White wine has lower concentrations of antioxidants, but it also helps our cells. It is beneficial to drink red wine, but in moderation – up to one glass per day for a woman and no more than two glass a day for a man.

Just being in love releases chemicals in your brain called endorphins, which boost our mood and heighten our sense of well-being. Also the act of giving flowers to chocolate to someone also makes us feel better. The chemical that is released when we give is called serotonin.

Flowers are a natural source of aromatherapy. They are very calming and relaxing.

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