National Guard releases numbers on the manpower for snow storm

National Guard releases numbers on the manpower for snow storm

ATLANTA, GA (WTVM) - The Georgia National Guard didn't waste any time coming to the aid of those in need during the state's most recent snow storm.

Heavy snow and ice blanketed parts of Atlanta and the northern and eastern regions. News Leader 9 has learned that 1,000 soldiers and airmen from the Georgia Department of Defense assisted in the storm relief efforts.

"When the power goes off and they look and see Humvees going up and down the street, they understand there's some form of assistance and security being provided," stated Joe Jarrard, Brigadier General of the Georgia National Guard. "I think that's the biggest thing we bring to events like this."

The soldiers did a variety of activities but their main focus was to assist medical personnel in the Atlanta area by transporting patients from home to health care facilities including seven Dialysis patients who were limited by the icy conditions.

Augusta was the hardest hit with widespread power outages and 476 calls made from stranded drivers.

"When something like this happens and we get to pick up a mother and her two children who are in the dark and take them to a place that's secure and warm for the evening," added Jarrard.

More than 145 vehicles were used in the efforts led by GEMA…The Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

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