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Family of married couple reacts to their public murder-suicide

Lyle Charles and Tonya Moses-Charles (source: Charles family) Lyle Charles and Tonya Moses-Charles (source: Charles family)

One day in December 2012 was the happiest moment of their lives.   Lyle Charles and Tonya Moses were married and they were excited to be with each other forever.

Family of Lyle Charles showed a picture of him with his newborn granddaughter in his arms and his wife at his side.

But it all came to a crashing end in barely a year's time.  

Family of Moses, too emotional to speak on camera, said she and her husband were no longer living together and she was getting ready to file for divorce.  

Charles' stepdaughter said it was apparent they were having problems.

"He's just been real down lately, between his illness and his marriage, he didn't know what to do."

Tonya Moses' sister said there was no history of violence in their relationship.   She mentioned that Charles recently checked himself into the Bradley Center for mental health treatment, but there was never a sign that things would come to this.  

Charles' son was equally shocked when he got the news this morning.   He was one of the last people to speak to his father.  He reached him on his cell phone after the shooting and minutes before he took his own life.

Kyle Charles said, "I was really lost, I was trying to get his whereabouts.   He wouldn't tell me.   When that happened, I just knew what time it was.   I knew that he was going to kill himself.   He said he didn't want to go to prison. He was tired of suffering.   He was sick.   He had diabetes.   He had neuropathy in his feet, bone cancer in his legs.   He was just fed up, man.   Last thing he told me was, take care of your baby girl, do what you've got to do to provide.   I said 'yes, sir.'" 

Conversely, Tonya Moses died at a time when things were going well for her.   One of her five older sisters said she recently received a promotion at work, where she helped the impoverished receive food stamps.  In the last few weeks, she moved into a newly built house.  Children from her past neighborhood tell me she treated them as her own. 

This tragedy has touched two families in a way that can never be reversed.

"I just want to say, I love my daddy, may he rest in peace.   May Miss Tonya rest in peace. I wish it went differently, but god has answers to everything," said Charles' stepdaughter.

There are a lot of children on both sides of the family who are going to have a very hard time moving forward.   The daughter of Tonya Moses could not finish a sentence without breaking down into tears. They all wish there was something they could have seen or done to prevent this from happening.

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