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Bite marks scrutinized in Stocking Strangler retrial hearing


The defense rests after day two of testimony for Columbus' most relentless murder case where convicted "Stocking Strangler" Carlton Gary is seeking a new trial.

Former Muscogee County Coroner James Dunnavant took the witness stand Tuesday, Feb. 25. He stated that he found the bite mark mold in a file cabinet years after the trial. The impression came from victim Janet Coker's breast, and shows a gap in the attacker's front teeth.  

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The State suggests dental work done on a person after the mold could change their teeth impression as well. The State also says Gary's attorneys failed to pursue all the evidence, and even missed appointments with prosecutors.

Witnesses who knew Gary at the time said he did not have a gap in his teeth. They testified that Gary had been a television model for a men's clothing store, and would not have been so if he had a gap in his teeth.

Dr. David Thomas, a forensic dentist, testified that he did a comparison on the bite mark mold and Gary's teeth impression. He says that in his opinion, Gary is not the biter. Thomas says he cannot absolutely exclude him, but probably can.

The case stems from the brutal rape and strangling of seven white women between 1977 and 1978. Gary was convicted of three murders.

The state will begin calling their witnesses on Wednesday, Feb. 25, at 9 a.m.

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