Ankle bracelet with GPS ties uncle to murder of his sister's son

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Antonio Darcet King and Santago Montrell Davis have been arrested in connection to the death of Sayquawn Wiggins, 19.  The charges come less than four days after Wiggins was discovered on church property by a congregation in Cottonton on their way to bible study.

According to investigators, Wiggins was shot with an assault rifle and the killers made little to no effort concealing his body after the crime.

The victim's mother, Kanena Wiggins, said both suspects call the victim their nephew, one by marriage and the other by blood.  She was doubly hurt to hear that her brother was so caught up in his conflict with her son, he neglected to consider the pain he would cause to his own family.

"I'm your sister and you take my last child, not my last, my only baby.  If you couldn't spare his life for him, you could have spared his life for me," said Wiggins, "My momma died two years ago.  He was the only thing I had left and [King] knew it.  It didn't matter.  It didn't matter, he just took him."

Sheriff Heath Taylor said Wiggins has been on the run from King for the past several months, moving from place to place and living out of hotels because he was in fear for his life. The nature of their dispute is believed to be drug related.

Taylor's investigative team spent nearly 48 straight hours without sleeping this weekend developing the evidence necessary to make these arrests.  One of the biggest breakthroughs occurred when they learned King was out on bond for a different murder and he was wearing an ankle bracelet equipped with GPS tracking.  This technology, along with cell phone records, helped them pinpoint his location at the time of the murder.

Authorities used the same GPS to find King at his home where they arrested him Sunday.  Davis turned himself in the following day.

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