WTVM 02/25/2014 Editorial: Featured viewers responses

WTVM 02/25/14 Editorial: Featured viewers responses

(WTVM) - Occasionally, I like to share letters from viewers who have an opinion about one of my editorials.

Barbara McNeil of Columbus wrote to me after an editorial supporting medical marijuana. Her granddaughter, Ava, is battling uncontrollable seizures—a condition that might be eased if the drug was legal in liquid form.

Barbara writes:

"We really need to try the medical cannabis, because her seizures are getting progressively worse, and I feel that time is running out for our precious Ava. We have run out of options."

As we said some weeks ago, lawmakers need to speed up the review process, because seizures like the ones Ava endures are devastating.

We also heard from Ann Newman. She liked the editorial, urging drivers to make sure their headlights are on in severe weather and at dusk.

Ann says:

"That has been a pet peeve of mine for years! I suggest you start a movement with all the radio and TV stations… people need to work together… and prevent accidents and deaths!"

Thanks Ann, and thanks Barbara.

Your opinions matter to us, even if you disagree.

Email me at hsteuart@wtvm.com, or send letters to 1909 Wynnton Rd, Columbus, GA 31906.

We may feature your comments in a future editorial. And thanks for watching!

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