Hundreds participate in Auburn City Schools second public meeting

Hundreds participate in Auburn City Schools second public meeting

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Auburn resident Anna Parham and her family were one of hundreds who attended Auburn City's Schools second public hearing tonight at Ogletree Elementary.

"We moved here a year and a half ago because of the growth of the school system so I understand why the growth is happening because we are a part of it," says Parham.

With a daughter being raised through the public school system, she knew it was important to hear how the City will handle the growing number of students.

"Every option is something everybody needs to go home and think about tonight. Every family has their own options and goals and so with the options we have the availability to do what we need to do and it's a good thing."

Four options were presented to the crowd Tuesday.

Two of the options included adding both new high schools and elementary schools to the city, and the other two suggested making changes to grade configurations.

"We actually started planning this process in 2012 with faculty condition assessments and capacity assessments. We also started to write the standards for new spaces and so we wrote specifications for new high schools in the City," explains facility planner, Tracey Richter.

After the presentation, the public filled out surveys to voice their thoughts and opinions on the proposed plans.

Auburn City Schools will next give surveys to the students with the hope of hearing from those most directly affected.

"The funding solution will have to come when a recommendation is moved forward. We know that going to be a challenge and it is for many communities around the country, but having a roadmap to see where you're going is a step in the right direction," says Richter.

Superintendent, Dr. Karen DeLano, hopes to give a recommendation to the board this spring.

You can find the four proposed plans and survey at

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