Murder victim’s brothers still look for answers 6 years later

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - More than $5,000 in reward money is being offered to anyone who can help the Lee County Sheriff's Office solve a six-year-old cold case murder.

We spoke with the brothers of Felton Tate, who say their brother's violent death haunts them every day.

"We will continue to investigate and God willing one day we will be able to let you know who is responsible for your brother's murder," said Captain Van Jackson with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Van Jackson spoke with the brothers of Felton Tate, who was gunned down outside his home on Lee Road 39 back in July 2008.

"It was a shock to us all," said Felton's brother Terry Tate. "Felton was a sweet person, got along with everyone, everyone at work loved him, hard worker, good dad, had a jog, good person."

Six years after the murder, Freddy and Terry Tate still search for answers.

"I want to be able to look the person in the face and ask them why did you murder my brother," said Freddy Tate.

Before he died, the 44-year-old husband and father described his shooter as a black man with dreadlocks. Neighbors reported seeing a white Sedan speed away from the home shortly after hearing the gunshots.

"We are going to turn over every single stone we can to try and determine what happened," said Capt. Jackson.

Felton had no known criminal history and was described as a devoted father who worked hard for his family.

Capt. Jackson says his investigators will never stop their pursuit of justice. He hopes a reward will spark new leads and answers for Tate's family.

"I think someone out there knows exactly what happened, in order for this case to get solved someone has to come forward," said Capt. Jackson.

The governor is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Felton Tate's murderer.

If you have any information please call law enforcement, you can get the reward money and remain anonymous.

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