Bibb City wants neighbors to clean up property issues

Bibb City wants neighbors to clean up property issues

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Bibb City was consolidated into the city of Columbus in 2001. Since then, the small community has struggled to regain it's identity by cleaning up the homes and streets.

Now, community leaders are aiming to continue that work with the help of Columbus Consolidated Government and folks in the community.

"It runs from 35th Street to 44th Street and 2nd Avenue to the river, Old Mill Village," says Rick McKnight, president of the Bibb City Neighborhood Associations.

It's a changing neighborhood right on the river, one the Neighborhood Watch Association has decided to take back from crime and demolition by working with Columbus Consolidated Government and the office of Crime Prevention.

"The last three years, there's not been a Part One crime in Bibb Village," McKnight adds.

While the association says crime has decreased, there's been a rash of other ugly issues they say "don't look right" or DLR's.

"We've got a feral cat issue," explains McKnight. "There's an Argentine ant issue. And that there are places like anywhere where people have not kept their property up."

Greg Coates, Director of Inspections and Codes Department in Columbus says the complaints about property maintenance did warrant inspection.

"We inspected and found that there were 12 homes, of the ones we viewed when we were touring the area, that had some property maintenance issues," Coates says.

The home owner is then given a window of 45 days maximum to clean up the act. If they fail to do so, they are cited for violating city codes.

It's something McKnight will help create the effect the small community desires.

The neighborhood association has invited city officials to an open forum to discuss those issues in detail and to take a look at ways to keep the city moving toward their goal of a safe and clean community.

That meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday at the Comer Recreation Center.

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