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Frank Myers seeks Beth Harris' seat on Muscogee County School Board


Columbus attorney Frank Myers met with local media today, Feb. 26, after announcing yesterday that he is seeking the District 8 seat on the Muscogee County School Board (MCSB).

Myers says he plans to erase a culture of fear he believes is present in the Muscogee County school system.

"If you don't hear but one thing I say today, I want you to hear this," Myers said. "The day that I take the oath of office, the intimidation comes to a screeching halt."

In recent history, tension has erupted between Myers and a few of the current MCSB members who accused Myers, along with State Senator Josh McKoon, of withholding state funding from the school district if the board members did not allow other law firms to compete for the Board's legal services.

Myers confronted the MCSB in a heated debate in March of 2013, saying "The school district is paying twice the per student average for legal services compared to other school districts… and that is outrageous."

John Phillips, Interim Superintendent at the time, charged back at Myers, saying the law firm they had chosen for MCSB was the best fit based on his carefully crafted research.

McKoon was cleared of wrongdoing by the Senate Ethics Committee, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Attorney General's Office. In a press statement in Sept. 2013, McKoon named specific board members, saying they, "…have no defense for their misappropriation of public resources which are taken from the citizens of this community to educate our children."

One of the board members McKoon named was Beth Harris, who currently holds the District 8 seat that Myers is pursuing.

Another issue of heated debate for MCSB has been that of no-bid contracts. If elected, Myers says he will push for an end to no-bid contracts over $5,000 in the school system, in an effort to save the city money.

Elections for the District 8 seat in the MCSB will be held on May 20.

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