1975 New York murder discussed at "Stocking Strangler" hearing

Lt. Ronald Rockwood. (Photo credit: Rosyln Giles)
Lt. Ronald Rockwood. (Photo credit: Rosyln Giles)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Lt. Ronald Rockwood, an investigator from Syracuse, N.Y. testified for the state on Feb. 27 for the so-called "Stocking Strangler" case.

According to Rockwood, in 2007 he was provided with Carlton Gary's name as a possible suspect in the June 28, 1975 murder of Marion Fisher in Syracuse. He travelled to Gary's prison in Jackson, Ga. in August of 2007 to interview him about the murder.

When Rockwood and his partner identified themselves, Rockwood says Gary told him he'd "danced this dance before."

According to Rockwood, Gary said he went to a bar in New York in 1975 and talked with three women, one of whom was intoxicated. Rockwood says Fisher's body was found 2.5 miles away from the bar where Gary reportedly met the woman.

Syracuse detectives showed Carlton Gary a check cashing card with a picture of Fisher and asked if he recognized her.

The state also tried to introduce evidence of a "red towel" that was found about 50 feet away from Fisher's body.

Judge Jordan ruled that pictures from the 1975 murder scene cannot be entered into evidence, but rather heard or tendered for later consideration.

The defense objects to Rockwood's testimony, saying Rockwood's testimony is based on hearsay.

Former GBI technician Dawn Bassett wrote a letter to officials in Syracuse alerting them that suspect Carlton Gary's DNA matched in the national database.

Bassett also testified that Gary's DNA could not be confirmed.

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