Former judge says he still believes Gary is the "Stocking Strangler"

Doug Pullen.
Doug Pullen.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Retired Muscogee County Judge Doug Pullen spoke out for the first time on Feb. 26 on the notorious "Stocking Strangler" case of the late 1970s. Pullen was the prosecutor for the original trial.

If you ask anyone who was around Columbus during the late 70s, many will say it was an unforgettable time.

"I remember getting deadbolts and putting them on the doors of people. They slept with guns by their beds," says Pullen.

The retired judge was in the thick of it all as he spear-head the search for the killer.

"We found out about a burglary in a home with a stolen gun and traced by to Gary," he says.

The city put out an all-points bulletin for Carlton Gary. He was arrested in Albany, Ga. some seven years after the killings.

Pullen says he even traveled to Albany, N.Y. to search for more evidence.

Pullen sat in the courtroom and heard testimony from GBI crime lab agents on DNA evidence.

Jennifer Flower stated there was a match in the case of victim Jean Dimestein, but it's not a definite match.

A shoe print at the scene that didn't match Gary's shoe size, as he demonstrated in court Tuesday. There is also a bite mark mold that, according to testimony, isn't the same as Gary's teeth impression.

And there are some people who claim there is a cover-up by the state.

Still, Pullen says he is convinced Gary is the Stocking Strangler.

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