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Sheriff: Man arrested, held women against their will


A Mt. Carmel man is accused of holding a woman against her will in a bathroom in Patoka.

Authorities are concerned there may be more victims.

Officials say 42-year-old James Carrol Diel is out of jail but he is charged with criminal confinement in Gibson County.

Sheriff George Ballard said Diel was identified by the victim in a line-up and was picked out again by a second victim.

Ballard says the second victim was involved in a similar situation in Princeton in the past month.

He says in both cases Diel went to a convenience store and forced the female employee into the bathroom and told them to do inappropriate things while he was outside the door.

Ballard says Diel did not threaten either woman with a weapon or cause any physical harm, but he did target them.

Ballard is asking other law enforcement agencies to contact the Gibson County Sheriff's Office if they have dealt with any similar situations.

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