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Ind. Governor visits Evansville rallying support for several proposals

Indiana Governor Mike Pence was in Evansville Thursday rallying support for several proposals.

Pence met with Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke hoping for support for his voluntary preschool voucher program.

Pence is also pushing for the elimination of the state's business personal property tax, which he said would also help create jobs.

During a 14 News interview, Pence weighed in on the repeal of Evansville's smoking ban.

"Clearly on the broad question of healthcare in Indiana, we have a ways to go and one of the focal points of our administration is going to be to continue to promote policies that encourage health and well-being of Hoosiers, especially children," said Gov. Pence.

Pence says he has a lot of work ahead of him with only two weeks left in the legislative session.

He shared his thoughts on the proposed same-sex marriage ban that was passed by the House and the Senate. The ban will be up to voters in 2016, when Pence could be up for re-election.

"Whether it would be concerned this fall, which would be my hope that we could have Hoosiers decide or whether it's 2 years from now, I will just always hold the view that the people, not elected judges, are best able to make decisions of such great consequence to our society and I'll continue to hold that view," said Pence.

As for rumors saying Pence may be mulling a 2016 presidential run, he says he's humbled and flattered to be mentioned for high office but says he's solely focused on being Governor of Indiana.

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