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Dequandrea Truitt, Shaquille Porter receive life sentences for 2013 New Year's Day murder


Dequandrea Truitt, 22, and Shaquille Porter, 20, have both received life sentences with possibility of parole plus 25 years in a shooting that left one man dead and several others injured at Majestic Sports Bar in Columbus early New Year's morning 2013.

Both have been found guilty of all charges.

Assistant District Attorney LaRae Moore yelled at one of the mothers of Dequandrea Truitt's children during character testimony.

"There's somebody out there that created a fake Facebook page and put three guns in the Facebook page? That's what they did, right," Moore shouted to Tanesha Mobley.

"Why are you yelling? All of that yelling is not called for," Mobley responded.

"Because, I'm tired of you guys acting like he (Truitt) doesn't do anything," Moore proclaimed.

On February 28, 2014 a Columbus jury found 22-year-old Truitt and 20 year-old Shaquille Porter guilty of the deadly 2013 shooting that left CSU student Charles Foster Junior dead and six other injured.

"He loved his children, his family, he loves hard," Truitt's mother, Gennifer Truitt proclaimed while testifying on his behalf.

"He helped me financially and help me take care of those kids. He inspired me," Mobley responds.

During the sentencing, Moore presented pictures from a Facebook page she says proves Truitt is not the great person his family claims he is.

"What is that he's doing," Moore asked.

"He's holding up his finger like this (demonstrates holding a gun)," said Truitt's mother Gennifer.

"Like a gun," Moore snapped.

Moore says after listening to the families of both Truitt and Porter make excuses for their actions, she could not in good conscience ask the courts to give them the possibility of parole. She left the decision to Judge William C. Rumer to decide.

"There has been no acceptance of responsibility whatsoever," Moore said. "No display of remorse. Everything is everyone else's fault."

After a little over 30 minutes, Judge Rumer emerged, Truitt and Porter are sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. The pair will be eligible for parole after serving 30 years. After the hearing Truitt's attorney Stacey Jackson claimed it a small victory.

"I'm glad that the court did what we asked for, at least the possibility of parole. We're definitely thankful for that."

Both men will be in their 50s when they are eligible for Parole. Jackson says he does plan to request a retrial in this case.

Jackson says they plan to review transcripts of the trial, "There's a lot of grounds [for a new trial]," according to Jackson. 

A hearing has been set for October 21, 2014 to hear the arguments for a new trial.

Truitt's Mother, Gennifer proclaimed her son will not sit in jail long, "He's 22 years-old. He has children he's been raising and he's going to be out to raise them. he's prepared to sit 10, 5, but he's not going to sit longer than that." 


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