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Experts: Second Berry College eagle egg not likely to hatch

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Over 3 million viewers have been watching the bald eagle family of Berry College as one eaglet hatched, and the two eagle parents take turns feeding and nurturing their baby.

While cooing over the cuteness, and wincing at the frequent ripping of raw rodent flesh, intrigued viewers can't help but wonder what is taking the second egg so long to hatch.

Berry College announced today, Feb. 28, their conclusion that the second egg is not viable, and likely will not hatch. They say it may not have even been successfully fertilized to begin with.

Dr. Renee Carleton, Berry College's eagle expert, made the following statement:

"Not every nesting is successful and there are a number of reasons why eggs fail to hatch. The egg may not have been successfully fertilized before it was laid and as a result no eaglet would form. Sometimes the developing embryo just does not survive, much like a miscarriage with us, or does not survive the strenuous hatching process. This pair of eagles are devoted parents and successfully raised two offspring last year. Even though weather conditions were sometimes extreme and challenging, both eagles continued to incubate their eggs without fail. While we are disappointed, we must accept that this is sometimes the course of nature and such occurrences are not uncommon in the natural world."

Berry College also says that the parents will continue to incubate the egg until it disintegrates. They say many dangers are still ahead for the current baby, including storms, learning to fly, and dangers from predators, like the owl that tried to snatch it before it hatched.

Meanwhile, the streaming continues.

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