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Several rescued animals find new homes at WTVM Give 9 pet adoption rally

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Several rescued animals found new homes today at the WTVM Give 9 pet adoption rally, which took place at Headquarter Nissan in Columbus from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Soul Saver Rescue is the 4th quarter Give 9 winner. Their mission is to pull animals that are considered "less adoptable" from Animal Control. They give these animals the care they need—shots, surgery, microchipping, etc.—and make them ready to find a new home.

We spoke with one couple today that came all the way from Florida to adopt their new furry friend.

"We knew we wanted a rescue dog," said Mary Schmidt as her husband, Doug, cuddled their new pet poodle. "There's a lot of other dogs out there, but we wanted a rescue dog. So we started searching the internet about a month ago, and we found little Parker finally on, and then went to Soul Saver Rescue."

Caitlin Biser with Soul Saver Rescue says the future is now looking bright for their organization. "We had a $4,600 debt with vet care, because of the animals we pull with worms and such. It costs a lot to vet those. So that gave us a good chance of catching-up on the debt that we've had."

Voting is now open for a new Give 9 winner. Click here to nominate any non-profit organization in the Chattahoochee Valley to win $5,000 and a day of service from WTVM News Leader 9.

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