City leader urge owners of city eyesore to clean up or else. . .

City leader urge owners of city eyesore to clean up or else

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Mayor Teresa Tomlinson issued a notice of persistent criminal activity and public nuisance to the owners of the Victory Mobile Home Park last month citing dozens of police reports ranging from persistent violence to drug related activity.

The other part of the warning: property code violations.

"Of those 36 mobile homes, we cited that 25 had some property maintenance or were in a state of disrepair," explains Greg Coates, Director of Inspections and Code for the city of Columbus.

Coates adds that among those mobile homes, nine were condemned - and nearly a dozen Special Enforcement violations were issued.

And while this trailer park is an eyesore for the city, Coates tells me that its rundown conditions could play a role in the crime that happens around this area.

"Blithe areas and crime kind of go hand-in-hand," says Coates.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson agrees, according to the letter. With the help of the Columbus Police Department as well as other parts of Columbus Consolidated Government, the letter urges the owners to clean up their act.

"Make the repairs to them or we can have the owners to remove them," warns the director of Inspections and Code.

Both Mayor Tomlinson and Coates say improving the present conditions in the mobile home park could positively impact the entire neighborhood.

"I believe the owners of that property should go ahead and make those repairs to help perhaps clean up not just the issues with the homes that are in disrepair, but I think too it would lend some help in getting the community cleaned up as far as criminal activity," Coates adds.

"We welcome the opportunity to work with you to resolve this pressing circumstance," says Mayor Tomlinson.

According to Coates, the property owners have 45 days from the mailing date to make the changes outlined in the warning before the city takes further action.

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