Vietnam veteran relocated to Arlington Natl. Cemetery

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The body of a Vietnam veteran who died 50 years ago is heading closer to our nation's capitol.

The remains of Spc. Wyley Wright have already made it to the Arlington National Cemetery and will soon be joined by his wife Ouida Fay Wright.

The Vietnam veteran had been buried in a segregated cemetery in Jacksonville, Fla., while his wife was interred in Columbus. Now after half a century of being separated, the two will finally be reunited and will be honored at the National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

"Not only did my father serve in the army, but my mother served as well because she followed him around all the bases in Germany, in New Mexico, and in Kentucky. So I just thought it was fitting that she follow him to Arlington as well," says the couple's daughter, Jackie Wright.

Spc. Wright died just two weeks before returning home while serving as an honor guard for then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

His wife died on the same day, six years later on March 9.

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