AL lawmaker proposes tax free holiday for guns and ammo

Ala. lawmaker proposed tax free holiday for guns and ammo
An Alabama lawmaker wants to add a third sales tax holiday to the calendar.
An Alabama lawmaker wants to add a third sales tax holiday to the calendar.

(WTVM) - An Alabama lawmaker wants to add a third sales tax holiday to the calendar.

In addition to back-to-school shopping and severe weather preparedness, guns, ammunition and accessories could also be tax free one weekend each year.

"We in Alabama hold dear in our hearts our second amendment right and the prices of guns and ammo have increased quite substantially the past few years. Also, some congressional Democrats are trying to impose additional taxes from a federal level on guns and ammo, and this is just a way to say to the citizens of our state that we understand and here is a tax free weekend," explains Republican Representative Becky Nordgren of Gadsden.

House Bill 559 would waive the four percent state sales tax on guns and firearm supplies the weekend prior to July 4th.

Nordgren believes this would boost Alabama's tourism during the national holiday and attract customers from bordering states.

"Anytime you waive any kind of tax it has a little bit of a negative effect, but I think that negative effect will be offset by the fact that we are doing near a holiday weekend and I think we would get people who would stay and purchase other things when they come to purchase their guns and ammo," says Nordgren.

Most people we talked to were in favor of this bill, like avid outdoorsman Scott Barranco.

"I do a lot of hunting and shooting. Most of my buddies do and my family does and I think as a college student it would help us afford guns and ammunition," says Barranco.

"I don't hunt or anything, but I feel like it would help the local economy in Alabama. I know we have a lot of hunters around here and they help those businesses out. Tax doesn't really go into their pockets so it would get more people in the store and buying their guns," explains Auburn resident, Colton Smith.

However, some opposing views were posted to our Facebook page.

On our Facebook page, one viewer wrote, "how about a free food grocery day."

Another said, "I'm about as pro-gun as it gets but I don't see the purpose in this. Just last week these same politicians were discussing budget cuts. This is nothing more than a ploy to round up votes for inactivity."

House Bill 559 has 22 representative listed as co-sponsors.

Nordgren hopes to get the bill before a house committee next week.

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