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Military Matters: Warrior Walk for SGT Josh Hargis

Who could forget this photograph of an Army Ranger—a Fort Benning Ranger—saluting his superior officer despite life-threatening injuries.

That Ranger was Josh Hargis—a Corporal at the time—who lost both of his legs in an attack in Afghanistan.

Fast forward five months to a Columbus motel. The Econo-Lodge on Victory Dr. in Columbus is roughly three miles from the National Infantry Museum. But a lot of folks have walked a lot farther; They walked from Fort Stewart to participate in this Warrior Walk. That's 219 miles, from one side of Georgia to the other.

SGT Patrick Griffith, and organizer for the walk, says, "It's been an adventure. I mean, we started Feb. 17. The worst day was the first day. We did 21 miles straight, and that hurt us pretty good. But everybody fought all the way through and got all the way to the end."

Griffith is Hargis' brother-in-law, who organized the walk as a show of family and soldier solidarity.

Hargis himself used a new handcycle to go ten miles with the group on Sunday, and finished the last leg at the National Infantry Museum with his wife, Taylor Hargis.

"I'm a proud wife of an Army Ranger," Taylor says. "And he is strong. He's the epitome of what a man, and an American, and a soldier is."

Retired COL Ralph Puckett was there to welcome the couple. "We appreciate your service," says Puckett." You honor us with your presence. We're proud to be with you today."

Hargis is a Sergeant now, and was too emotional to speak with reporters, but others have no problem telling his story.

It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you're going to get back up," says Warrior Walk Participant Scott Griffith. "And I've told other people, you know, Josh and many of the other military men and women, they're cut from a different cloth."

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