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Movie theater restroom sex assault victim did not know her attacker


New information is now available about the reported sexual assault that occurred Tuesday night in a movie theater restroom.  News Leader 9 is learning the victim and suspect did not know each other prior to this incident. 

A husband and wife were watching the 6:45 p.m. screening of the Son of God at Carmike 15 on Whittlesey Boulevard. About a third of the way through the movie, the woman got up to use the ladies room.   That's where she encountered a man who was inside waiting for someone to walk in.  

"She came back and she was in a panic.  I asked her what was going on and she told me that someone had assaulted her."

Due to the nature of this crime, we're concealing the husband's identity to prevent the victim from being identified through him.

The crime occurred at a time when several theaters in the building were packed with movie-goers. The victim told her husband a man was hiding in one of the other stalls, waiting for her to sit down.  After a few moments, he got up and forcefully entered her stall.

"He had to have already been in there because she said she didn't hear the doors close or anything. She heard a commotion in the stalls, so he had to have already been in there. He barged in and he pinned her up against the wall," said the victim's husband,

"You wouldn't think that anything like that could happen in the nicest theater in town.   You know, the biggest, the best and all that- and it just does."

The victim's husband said it's too late for his wife, but he wants anyone with information to come forward to keep another woman from becoming the next victim.

"The closure thing and all that is not the most important.   The most important is to get him off the street so he's not doing it to someone else."

Detectives are thoroughly investigating the matter, and at this time, they are not ready to release a suspect description.

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