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Saban on 10 second rule, AJ McCarron's entitlement comments

Nick Saban. Source: WBRC video Nick Saban. Source: WBRC video

University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban discussed the 10 second rule and AJ McCarron's entitlement comments after speaking at a luncheon in Birmingham on Thursday.

Saban was the guest speaker at the Boy Scouts of America American Values Luncheon held at the BJCC. Around 2,300 people attended the event.

Afterwards, Saban took a few questions from the media. When asked for his thoughts on the 10 second rule being shelved by the NCAA, he had this to say:

"I'm fine with it, I think that basically what we got out of it is what we needed to get out of it, is for everybody to examine exactly where we're headed and what we're doing and how it affects player safety and people's ability to administer the game."

What's his message to those who said Saban wanted this rule to better his team and his own agenda?

"I think we've played pretty well. If you look at the defensive statistics that we've had over the past five years where a lot of people have run ‘hurry up' against us, they're a lot better than most others and we've ranked pretty highly, so my question would be, this is not about creating some kind of an advantage because, I'm not trying to be arrogant, but do we need to do that? And that really wasn't what it was all about. It was about two things, player safety and it was about can the officials really officiate the game and can the game be administered the way it needs to be to be fair?"

Saban also addressed the comments made by his former quarterback AJ McCarron, who said some of the players from last year may have felt entitled, and didn't work as hard as they should have.

Saban's response:

"I'm not going to throw AJ under the bus, I do and I don't [agree]. I think that anytime you have young players come in, they've gotten a lot of attention for the accolades and things they've accomplished and there is an adjustment that they have to go through. I think it's up to the older players to really sorta create the example, the leadership, the willingness to care and serve about those guys and connect with them to try to help them know what they need to do to be successful as college football players. What I think sometimes the older players forget is they were a lot like that when they were freshmen….most of those guys that felt that way, they didn't play at all, so they didn't have any effect on the outcome of any games," he said.

And when it comes to the spring football practice, Saban's getting fired up.

"I'm really excited about the spring. We've got a new team and it's always exciting, the new challenges that you have, whether they're character development, attitude development, team chemistry, getting the right guys in the right spots, seeing the young players develop, that's the really fun of it and I really do enjoy spring practice because it's all about teaching and I think that's something we're really looking forward to."

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