WTVM 3/7/14 Editorial: Does Alabama need a gun tax holiday?

WTVM 3/7/14 Editorial: Does Alabama need a gun tax holiday?

(WTVM) - Alabama representative Becky Nordgren has proposed a tax holiday on guns and ammunition purchases during the July 4th holiday.

It's a nice nod to the Second Amendment during the most patriotic holiday of the summer.

Like most tax holidays, it may jumpstart spending, and that's always good for the economy.

But some of our WTVM Facebook friends say, "How about a grocery tax holiday?" or "Why have a gun tax holiday when Alabama is cutting school budgets?"

Other comments we received say it's just an election year stunt.

There are two established tax holidays in Alabama: to help shoppers save on back-to-school purchases and on items associated with preparing for severe weather.

Alabama is generally a low tax state, but state sales tax can jump as high as 12 percent depending on where you live.

The idea of a gun tax holiday appeals to gun owners, and that's okay, but it also symbolizes the greater need for lower taxes overall - and not just in Alabama.

Any relief at the cash register, or on our tax bills, helps our consumer-based economy.

Lawmakers in every state should work harder to lower taxes across the board, cut wasteful spending and make sure taxpayer's money is spent responsibly.

Now that would feel like a holiday -- for everyone.

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