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In-law slaying trial Day 5: Closing arguments and jury goes into deliberation


A chilling 911 call from a child marked the beginning ofclosing arguments from the State as they seek to convict Lonnie Jacob Ragan forthe 2011 shooting death of his sister-in-law, Holly Hearn.

"My friends mom just got shot," said the child's voice.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Cooley compared the5912 Billings Ct. murder to a scary movie. "This horror show, though, lastedseconds," she said.

Cooley emphasized that Hearn, a mother of two, only hadseconds to react after Ragan stormed onto the property with a shotgun.

Witnesses testified that when Hearn saw Ragan, she ran insideher home and grabbed a 32 caliber revolver.

A forensic pathologist testified that 9 buckshots enteredthe victim's chest, two exited the back.

After Ragan shot Holly's husband, Ryan Hearn, a neighboralso testified that Ragan tried to shoot Ryan a second time, but the gunjammed. Although, the defense claims it was self defense, Cooley says this wascalculated murder.

"There were childrenin that home," said Cooley, reminding the jury that children allegedlywitnessed the whole scene.

Witnesses also say they saw Ragan wearing the harness, andtoting the gun on August 26, 2011. Cooley emphatically urged the jury to usecommon sense.

The jury is currently in the deliberation room. This storywill continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

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