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The family, the orphans and the widow


A Columbus couple is helping a Vietnam veteran's widow fix up her home, and trying to make a difference in the lives of three orphans at the same time.

Bernice Wright, 68, was married for 44 years to a U.S. Army veteran who passed away in 2011. Sergeant First Class John Lee Wright was her high school sweetheart, and served in the U.S Army. He suffered from diabetes, PTSD and other illnesses.

After her husband's passing, Mrs. Wright applied for Homes for Heroes to get her house fixed three years ago. She lived in the house with her husband for 10 years, and although her son lives with her, there were many tasks that the two did not know how to do.

"Carpets, paints, gardening, and so many other things were wrong with the house," Mrs. Wright said. "I was busy tending to my husband. After he passed, I started noticing all the damages, and I needed help."

Lance and Kristian Ogden volunteered with 20 other people to fix Mrs. Wright's house. While the Ogden family was excited to help Mrs. Wright, that was not their only focus. The other volunteers were also helping Lance and Kristian raise funds to adopt three young sisters from an orphanage in India. The couple set up a donation fund with an organization called Both Hands.

"After much discussion and prayer, we decided to adopt girls," Kristian said. "We were only looking to adopt two girls. However, God helped us find three sisters who lost their mother in 2011. We need to raise enough money to adopt."

The couple already has two young sons.

The Ogden family needs to collect a total of $55,000 to adopt three sisters from India. They still need about $30,000 to complete their adoption. Anyone interested in donating can visit

"This is our calling," Kristian said. "We are meant to be their new parents."

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