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New app will flag restaurants with bad health inspection scores


Cooks not cleaning up, bugs crawling around the kitchen - going out to eat can be hazardous to your health.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, there are 48 million cases of food poisoning nationwide each year, and around half of them are caused by something someone ate at a restaurant.

But soon there will be an all new way to see who's keeping a clean kitchen and who isn't.

A new smart phone app, called the Restaurant Report, is about to make its debut in cities across the country.

"I think it will benefit anyone who wants to eat at clean restaurants," said Restaurant Report creator David Clements. "There isn't an app right now that lets you pick restaurants based on their health scores, so I created one."

Clements said there is a direct correlation between a restaurant's health inspection score and how much the owner cares about the public and hygiene.

Most major counties across the country have websites that allow the public to access health inspection reports, but Clements said that the data is not always easy to access.

"You can go to county databases to get this information, but county databases were designed 10 years before smartphones were even being used," said Clements. "They are really hard to navigate."

The new app will allow users to get the dirt on restaurants with bad health inspection scores in a matter of seconds.

It will also allow anyone to report a food poisoning incident right from their cell phone.

"It's going to help you eliminate restaurants with bad scores and help you eliminate restaurants with Cs, Ds or F scores," said Clements. "Every restaurant on the screen that shows up are clean choices, with a good hygiene rating from the county."

The Restaurant Report will officially launch in Atlanta this Friday.

The next cities will be Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, San Franciso and Washington DC, Clements said.

The app should be available in Phoenix sometime this summer.

Clements is currently raising money through social media sites to expand the number of cities where the app can be launched. To see how to contribute visit

For more information on the Restaurant Report and to see what it will look like, click HERE.

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