Auburn hosts third meeting for downtown master plan

(WXTX) - Despite the Spring Break holiday, nearly 70 people attended the third public meeting Tuesday for the City of Auburn's downtown master plan.

"The thing about a master plan when you think about a 20 year vision for downtown, it's easy to think about the great and wonderful things you could have. But how do get there, how do you pay for it and what's the most important? So Tuesday will be seeing the big picture vision, but then also tell us what are the things you would do first," explains Urban Collage consultant, Bob Begle.

At the meeting, residents saw a summary of the feedback received so far, and had a chance to help refine the vision and design goals for downtown Auburn.

"Obviously, we have limited resources to do improvements downtown and to really say we have four or five projects we could do, but what is the most important two or three things the public thinks we should focus our efforts on," explains City of Auburn's senior planner, Justin Steinmann.

In a Monopoly theme, citizens were given two $200 cards to prioritize the downtown projects that they would like to see completed first and to identify where they want to encourage certain uses in downtown Auburn.

One of the most popular plans was revitalizing the Felton Little Park Area, making it more user friendly with green spaces.

In an effort to expand downtown, residents were also shown before and after diagrams of how to possibly modernize some of downtown Auburn's boarding streets.

"It's going to vary with the availability of funds, but in the upcoming two years there is a variety of projects that could take place like improvements to downtown allies and Toomer's Corner," says Steinmann.

The city is expecting to have a final plan together by April, present it to the Planning Commission in May and have it adopted by the City Council in June.

There will be an open house scheduled for the public to see the final plan and it will also be available online at

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