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Columbus non-profit seeks support to help young inventors


Georgia Alabama Inventors, also known as GALA, aims to motivate students to keep their dream and inventions alive.

"We want to make sure that the student continues with their idea," GALA's Executive Director, Mickoel Turner explains.

Formed in 2010, Turner says they work with school systems to take part in the science fairs. The most recent being the Muscogee County School District's, where more than 100 students displayed projects 26 of them qualifying for the state competition to be held in Athens, GA. But Turner tells us, that's where the problem starts.

"The approximate cost would be between $800 to $900 for each family to go to the state competition," Turner explains.

It's a cost each family has to foot themselves.

According to Turner, GALA wants to help these students get their presentations to the state level and beyond. They choose several students each year whose projects they believe have potential to be patented, such as last year's winner: a water desolator created by an 8th grade student.

"What it is, is you can take dirty water and, the way he has it set up, you can turn it into clean water. And he's done some tests himself to make it clean water, 'cause it's very simple things that any country would have to use to make it clean water," Turner says about the winning project.

Turner also worries that if students, like the inventor of the desolator, do not get the support needed, their ideas could get lost, or they could stop inventing all together. It's something he hopes GALA and the community can help prevent.

"We want to make sure the students are able to pursue their goal to become innovators and inventors, and we want them to pursue it to the fullest," he says.

GALA has chosen two Muscogee County students to sponsor for this year's science fair, and they are still working with last year's winner. The now 9th grader works with Columbus Water Works for new advances. The Georgia State Science Fair will be held in Athens on March 28th and 29th.

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