Lee Co. officials straighten out solid waste policy

Lee Co. officials straighten out solid waste policy

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Dumping your trash in rural Lee County seems like an easy enough process, but not following the county's solid waste policy could leave pockets empty.

"We want to make sure we are applying it equally and fairly as the law was enforced some 20 years ago," says Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Each rural Lee County residents pays a garbage fee of $204 a year in order to use any of the disposal sites. No one from another state, county, or municipality may use the sites. Failing to follow this law could land you a ticket of over $400 with court fees.

"It was in 1990 or 1991 when this law went into effect. It was guided by the state in regard to conditions of waste disposal, and that's where is came from originally," explains Jones.

At each sites a Lee County deputy watches residents and businesses who are allowed to dispose of one (1) three quarter ton pickup truck load per day.

It was brought to our attention via the Neighborhood Watch group on Facebook how many people were confused about this law, or didn't know anything about it.

Miscommunication about the amount and not the frequency of trash brought to sites each day is what Lee County officials want to clear up, and fast.

"Misunderstandings about how exactly the solid waste law in Lee county is set for households, residents and businesses, Lee County is going to undertake an information campaign to ensure we get the info out to the public so they'll know exactly what the law is and how it pertains to the solid waste stations," says Jones.

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