WTVM 3/14/14 Editorial: The 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web

WTVM 3/14/14 Editorial: The 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web

(WTVM) - Imagine living in the year 1436. That's when Gutenberg's printing press became a technological marvel: books could be printed faster. Knowledge exploded. Lives quickly improved.

Fast forward to 1989 when another technology – called the World Wide Web – was created by British physicist Tim Berners-Lee, looking for a better way to share information.

That was only 25 years ago, and none of us knew what w-w-w meant.

Today, the web is a major economic driver, turning data into cold hard cash, and search engines can find just about anything.

Twenty-five years later, the web's creator says it has not reached its full potential and we should answer three questions:

Who should collect our personal data?

How can we make data universal on any device, no matter who makes it?

How can we connect everyone around the world?

Just as the "moveable type" printing press became essential, the web is now essential in many aspects of our lives.

The 25th anniversary of the web might give us a chance to consider the many benefits of the digital world.

It might also lead others to "give up" their digital devices for Lent as some are actually doing!

But regardless of how you feel about the web, it has been just 25 years since it all began!

Imagine what lies ahead of us!

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