MCSD clarifies position shifts in reorganization plan

Superintendent Lewis discusses MCSD position shifts

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Muscogee County School Superintendent David Lewis has talked about his 120 day plan for some time now.

After assessing the individual schools and the district's structure, the newly-hired administrator is now ready to implement some changes.

Those changes are laid out in a chart published on the MCSD's website. It can be found under News Flash: Superintendent Assessment and Recommendation Report or click here

"You will see that he has three different regions...East, Central and West and there is also support and operational support for each school in the district," explained Valerie Fuller, Director of Communications.

All schools will be placed in a region and the way they're grouped has nothing to do with where the schools are located now. For instance, schools in the north and south side of town could be in the same region.

This is phase one which includes are 34 administrative positions. This means this process is not complete even after the board gives the green light.

"It's very important to note that no one will be laid off and no one has been told they will not have a job," added Fuller.

But, what will happen, Fuller said, are the employees affected--like instructional technology positions and instructional specialists, can be ressigned or repurposed and can apply for other positions.

"They may have reduced calendar days; maybe those people who are in those positions may be eligible teachers, maybe they can be used in a classroom, maybe they can be used in another position.

Lewis refers to this process as "repurposing." It's when existing jobs are eliminated job allowing those particular employees to apply for another job with new job descriptions.

Due to fewer calendar days, the affected workers will perhaps be paid less than their current salary.

The proposal is not sitting too well with some workers.

News Leader 9 has heard from several disgruntled employees who want to remain anonymous. They have expressed their displeasure with the possibility of being assigned to a new job at a reduced rate of pay.

The amount of money the first phase of the reorganization will save the district is unclear, according to Fuller. She also stated the move isn't just about money, but is more so about restructing the district to become more efficient.

The school board voted to approve David Lewis' proposal.

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