Dr. Paula Walker discusses kidney disease

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Diabetes and high blood pressure raise the risk for kidney disease. However, most people with kidney disease aren't even aware of their condition!

Dr. Paula Walker of Columbus State University tells us more.

Many people do not realize they have kidney disease because it develops very slowly. The only way someone would really know if they had the disease is if they had their blood and urine tested.

Untreated kidney disease can lead to anemia, heart disease, weak bones, kidney failure, and accumulation of waste inside the body.

Risk factors for kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and family history of the illness. Obesity and high cholesterol also contribute to kidney disease, as well as advancing age. Even physical injury to the kidney can put one at risk.

To avoid kidney disease, it is recommended that you keep your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar down. Walker recommends you also eat foods that are low in sodium and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Watch the video for more details.

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