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New Brady Lake Police Chief has a checkered past

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19 Action News investigative reporter Scott Taylor obtained court records that 37-year-old Brady Lake Police Chief John Marra was found guilty of dereliction of duty back in May of 2008.

At the time Chief Marra was 31 and a Uniontown, Ohio police officer.

The initial complaint in court documents claim while on duty Marra kissed and fondled a 16-to-17-year-old girl and he engaged in inappropriate text messages.

Brady Lake Mayor Hal Lehman says the new police chief's recent background check didn't reveal the details of the complaint against Marra.

"Our insurance company did a background check on him. They called the clerk back and said everything was ok," said Brady Lake Mayor Hal Lehman.

The complaint goes on to claim Marra failed to perform his duties by going to a subway while on duty to engage in a sexual relationship with the teen.

Marra was never charged with any sexual offense and the prosecutor who tried the case is no longer with the city of Canton.

Marra plead no contest to dereliction of duty and was found guilty. Days later he resigned his position with the Uniontown Police Department.  

Marra served two years of probation and 100 hours of community service.

Monday he was sworn in as the new Police Chief of Brady Lake in Portage County.   

We contacted Chief Marra on Friday about his conviction and he said through an officer, 'we need to make an appointment with him through the village.'

Chief Marra has a hearing in May.

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