Planning your wedding on a budget for $5K or less

Planning your wedding on a budget for $5K or less

PINE MOUNTAIN, GA (WTVM) - The wedding season is just around the corner: April is only a few weeks away and summer will soon be here.

Paying for a wedding is never easy, but when you are planning your big day, it has to be done right.

The average wedding cost is about $28,000. With student loans and other bills people have to pay on a daily basis, paying almost $30,000 for a ceremony is not an easy choice.

However, Pine Mountain Club Chalets Resort held a free bridal shower where brides-to-be and their fiancés can plan their wedding on a budget. More than 120 people attended the resort's first bridal shower.

People could plan their big day with just $1,500 to $3,500, and the fee would cover florists, make-up artists, bakers, photographers, wedding dresses, tuxedos and more.

"Typical wedding costs about $30,000 dollars," said bride-to-be Mary Beth Thompson from  Columbus, Ga.  "I'm doing mine for $12,000."

Thompson, 25, is getting married to her fiancé this October. She planned in advance and made sure she won't be spending $30,000.

"Make a list of what you really want in your wedding. See what is most important to you," Thompson said. "I'm a wedding director myself. So I know that it's extremely important for people to pick one thing that really matters to them. Is it the photography? Food? Dress? Choose one and focus on that. Then you can spend less money on other things you still have to pay for."

Thompson said she still has student loans to pay for, and wedding was something she did not want to get loans for.

C couple from Winder, Ga. also agrees with Thompson. Megan Lott and Galen Holloway have been friends since high school. Born and raised in Lagrange, Ga., the couple wanted to get married near home.

"We are really on a budget," Lott said. "We are blending two families together with a total of four kids. We are hoping to spend only $5,000 or $6,000."

This is Lott and Holloway's second marriage. They already know what they want and do not want from their previous wedding experiences.

"We don't want to put emphasis on the preparation. We want to focus on the meaning of the ceremony," Lott said. "We want it to be meaningful and special. We don't need to spend $30,000 to do that."

Pine Mountain Club Chalets Resort has been hosting weddings for only three years now. The resort decided to hold their first bridal shower in March since the most popular wedding months like April and May are coming up in few weeks.

"Everybody doesn't have twenty something thousand dollars to put into their wedding," said Heather Sellers, the marketing director of the resort. "Most people have to make monthly payments and they are taking it out of their living expenses. We do not have all this money and rich parents to take care of our wedding. That is not in today's times these days. We brought dozens of local wedding vendors who will be giving great deals to our brides-to-be's at the event today. We are trying to help all couple keep their wedding under $5,000."

For more information on Pine Mountain Club Chalets Resort and their wedding events, visit their website at this link.

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Copyright 2014 WTVM. All rights reserved.