WTVM 3/24/14 Editorial: School reorganization is necessary

WTVM 3/24/14 Editorial: School reorganization is necessary

(WTVM) - Schools face incredible financial challenges, and running a major school district is never easy.

That's why Muscogee County School Superintendent David Lewis should be praised for his reorganization plan that aims to manage high costs but keep the focus on students.

At the center of his plan is the decision to divide the district into three zones to insure the fair allocation of resources.

That means certain district employees will be repurposed, as Lewis says, meaning their skills might be put to use in newly designed positions, though overall no jobs will be lost. It will mean furlough days can be avoided.

Some employees will have to reapply for jobs and while that is never easy, we think Lewis is doing what has to be done.

Another facet of the plan is to reduce the number of high school classes each day from eight to seven.

The reorganization is expected to save $4 million out of the gate.

The school board endorsed the changes, and we endorse them too. Seven classes instead of eight may give students more time to learn.

Re-thinking job descriptions could end up being more efficient, which helps address some of the financial concerns all schools face.

We think the early report card on the reorganization plan created by Superintendent Lewis should get a high grade for being proactive and sensible.

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