Car crash victim’s mother asking for answers 1 year later

Car crash victim’s mother asking for answers 1 year later

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus mother is crying out for answers one year after her son was killed in a car crash that happened on Luna Drive near Amber and Barcelona Drives.

She tells News Leader 9 the accident happened following a high-speed police chase.

"I've been patient and things have stagnated long enough," said LaKeya Whatley Dodoo.

Lakeya's son died a year ago this month; now she's launched an online petition at

"What I want to see happen is the governor of Georgia to listen and see the petition that I have started," LaKeya said.

On the petition, LaKeya talks about the tragic day her son 17-year-old Tyrique Huling was killed.

In the accident a year ago, the car wiped out a mailbox and left tire marks in front of two homes. It also flipped over. Flowers now sit in that very spot near Luna and Barcelona.

"I want some from outside to come in and look at this case because of the implications and rumors and witnesses stating that the car was being chased which caused the driver to drive recklessly," LaKeya said.

After the victim's mother called us, we contacted police about the case. Sergeant Chris Anderson says the case is still being investigated.

We also went back to the scene on Monday March 24. LaKeya showed me her son's autopsy and death report, which shows her son was a passenger in the car. The vehicle had been reported stolen and police pursued the car after spotting it at the Lucky Lotto Store on Forrest Road.

But LaKeya says she's not longer bitter; she just wants answers.

"I'm at a better place," she said. "I was five months pregnant at the time and I thought I was going to lose that child, when I almost lost my mind."

LaKeya says her faith in God and support she's received from her church and family are helping her cope with a tragedy she now has to live with.

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