Navigating the new healthcare website

Navigating the new healthcare website

(WTVM) - There are only six days left until open enrollment closes for the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

For those who have yet to pick a plan, site navigators say it's easy to do at the last minute.

News Leader 9's Tyrone McCoy walks you through getting a quote

Millions of Americans have already signed up, but many others are still figuring out coverage plans and payment options under the Affordable Care Act. Local Health Exchange navigators say last minute sign-ups can easily be done two different ways.

"You can actually go online and do it yourself or you can get the assistance of a local agent here in town," said Anthony Campbell, President of Americare Benefits.

Campbell says both ways start with going to the website, clicking 'See Plans', choosing the type of coverage you seek, and entering your household size and income.

"Say that I have a 29-year-old and let's say that I'm going to add two children too," Campbell explained. "We have a single mom and let's just say that she has a 4-year-old. We're going to add a 9-year-old. Let's use $22,000."

Once that information is entered, you'll see coverage options as well as the availability of federal payment assistance, called subsidies.

Campbell says assistance is based on your annual income and size of your household.

"If you're within the guidelines of 100 to 400 percent, you'll qualify for an insurance subsidy," Campbell said. "If you're between 100 percent and 250 percent, you'll qualify for a subsidy and you'll qualify for assistance with your deductible and your co-insurance."

For the hypothetical family of three, both children qualify for a state insurance plan. The single mother qualifies for a nearly $200 subsidy, which would bring her monthly premium down to $26.

Though your situation may vary, Campbell recommends signing up to figure out which plan fits you before it's too late.

"A lot of people can get coverage for what the penalty is going to cost them," Campbell said.

That penalty of one percent of your income, or $95 – whichever's greater – will be deducted from your annual income if you do not have health insurance coverage by March 31.

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