Scott's Ride for Miracles ready to rev into gear

Scott Ressmeyer visits WTVM to talk about this year's Ride for Miracles

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Scott's Ride for Miracles is gearing up for another cross-country trip to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network.

The gang introduced their new riders this year at a press conference Wednesday morning at Midtown Medical Center.

Following the tour, they returned to the conference center for a lunch catered by Country's Barbecue.

Our Sara Lim was there for the big announcement.

Once again, Scott Ressmeyer of Country's Barbecue will travel the 48 contiguous states by motorcycle over 21 days. This year, 15 new and returning riders will join him for a record 16 riders.

"We are going to have 16 riders in total, including me," Ressmeyer said. "This is the most people we ever had."

2014 marks the sixth annual "Scott's Ride for Miracles." Scott and his Riders undertake this adventure every year to raise awareness of the outstanding work of Children's Miracle Network and to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network at Midtown Medical Center.

After Ressmeyer introduced this year's team, the riders toured the children's services at Midtown Medical Center.

Mike Jolley, a sheriff from Harris County, is joining Scott's Ride again for the fifth time.

"You take few underwears, blue jeans and you go for it," Jolley said. "There is nothing like it. I love helping the Children's Miracle Network at Midtown Medical Center. When I see these kids in pain, it breaks my heart."

Ressmeyer's ultimate goal is to raise $1 million over the course of the ride.

"Seeing young patients really hurts you," Ressmeyer said. "And seeing these guys walk up and meet these patients for the first time helps them understand that this is why we do this ride."

Dr. Joseph Zanga has worked at Midtown Medical Center for five years and says Scott's Ride for Miracles helped the Children's Hospital grow.

"Because of the riders, we have been able to develop Children's Hospital at Midtown Medical Center," Dr. Zanga said. "We cannot do this without the money they raise. We can't do it without the publicity they generate. Their efforts mean a lot to us."

The riders are funding their personal expenses like hotels, meals and gas to raise money for children who need their help. The riders will be visiting various Children's Miracle Network hospitals during their trip as well.

"This trip helps children and also helps us get that emotional bond of brotherhood," Ressmeyer said. "Being on the road for 21 days and doing it for a common cause bring everyone together."

So far, Scott's Ride for Mircales has raised more than $650,000 for the Children's Hospital at Midtown Medical Center.

Scott Ressmeyer and each of Scott's Miracle Riders are hoping to raise at least $2,500 participate in the nearly 9,000 mile trek.

Their journey begins at 10 a.m. on Friday May 2, when they will receive a send-off at Columbus Regional. They will be on the road from then until Friday May 23, and will be welcomed back that evening with a special concert on Broadway in Uptown Columbus.

For more information on Scott's Ride for Miracles, visit their official website at this link.

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