Construction worker narrowly escapes burning building

Construction workers narrowly escapes burning building

WTVM/CNN - Witnesses captured video of a construction worker's escape from a burning apartment complex in Houston.

CNN's Christine Romans reports that flames engulfed the building yesterday, March 25.

In the footage, witnesses can be heard exclaiming, "Oh my God! Is that a construction guy? Yeah!"

It's a heart stopping rescue, as the construction worker is trapped on a ledge, and the building he was working in is engulfed in flames.

The footage shows the five alarm fire ravage through the Houston apartment complex, forcing the worker to cling to a ledge trying to escape the massive blaze.

Watch as the intense heat forces him to hang, and drop to a ledge below. He slips, and then regains his balance.

Witnesses captured the tense moments on camera, watching as firefighters finally reached the man and pull him onto the ladder truck just in time.

"Oh thank Jesus. Thank you, God!" A witness is heard saying.

Seconds later, the building begins to collapse just feet away from the retreating ladder.

More than 200 firefighters battled the fire, and incredibly no one was injured, including the construction worker.

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