Mayoral candidate Martin calls Tomlinson’s budget a “Hail Mary”

COLUMBUS, GA - Colin Martin, candidate for Mayor of Columbus, released the following statement regarding Friday's called meeting of the City Council on the FY 2015 Budget:

At a called meeting of the City Council this morning, Teresa Tomlinson presented a budget proposal to the City Council that promised to accomplish several things.

In particular, she promised to save the jobs of 80-120 city employees who, until now, she threatened to layoff. She also promised to erase a financial shortfall that, until now, threatened to ruin the city's credit rating and increase the cost of doing business.

After years of financial mismanagement, Mayor Tomlinson is throwing a desperate "Hail Mary" with this budget, which she claims can save jobs and close a deficit. To the rest of us, it looks like the same old smoke and mirrors. I'm glad my campaign's clear-eyed focus on the budget has forced the Mrs. Tomlinson's hand. Unfortunately, accounting tricks do not solve our City's financial crisis. The answer is strong leadership built on firm principles. Don't worry Columbus - help is on the way.

Last week, I presented a plan that will get Columbus "Back to Black." The plan focuses on growth without raising property taxes on current or future homeowners.  The broad points of the plan are:

1. Expand the industrial tax base.

2. Prepare and connect people to jobs.

3. Strengthen the Veterans Parkway/Victory Drive/South Lumpkin Road corridor as the Tourism District of Columbus.

4. Reduce the burden on taxpayers, both residential and commercial.

My plan represents a clearly different path. I work to bring people together to address the challenges we face. The difference is leadership.

A native of Columbus, Colin Martin is a candidate for Mayor of Columbus, GA. He has been married to Beth, a family practice physician, for twenty-five years, and they have two daughters. Prior to the campaign, Colin worked at the Greater Columbus, GA Chamber of Commerce in Governmental Affairs.